About Us

In commercial campaigns which attempt incessantly to attract tourists on summer vacations, the most frequent expressions you might come upon are “quality private accommodation”, “house by the sea”, “house by the beach”, “lots of foliage and shade”, “crystal clear sea”, “beautiful hidden bays”, and much more.

But alas, few of them really offer that. The Makarska Riviera, having all those attributes, and many more, is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic, and the Brela are it’s very own pearl, just like the Jakirusa bay is the pearl of the Brela.
Private accommodation on this whole area has a very long tradition, and we are proud that we’ve been a part of it for 50 years on our address at Jakirusa 3.

The superb positioning of the house directly by the sea and one of the most famous beaches in the Brela, quality decoration of apartments and rooms, and what’s most important, a lot of love and care for our guests, and the nurturing of old acquaintances – those are all the elements that make staying in our house pleasant and the reason why many guests return over and over again.
We wish a pleasantly spent vacation to all the visitors of this site, no matter which destination they opt for, but we would, by all means, prefer if you’d stop by us once as well, in the Jakirusa bay, a house directly by the sea and a splendid beach.

Accommodation in our house is possible from the end of May to October. 

Special greetings and invitations go to our friends bikers and tangueros.

Your hosts,
Ivka, Maja and Stipe Jakir

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